RHYTHM. MELODY. HARMONY.Welcome to LILY-ŌṀ-YOGA, where we embrace the transformative power of yoga to nurture the body, the mind, and the spirit. Through mindful movements accessible for everybody, delicious breathwork and a variety of meditation techniques, we take loving care of our body and mind. We also learn to stay in the present moment, and understand and accept who we truly are.

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The Schoolhouse Grapevine is a community in which teachers and school leaders anonymously share their in-depth employment experiences at individual schools in the United States.The Schoolhouse Grapevine is a one-stop shop for navigating the independent (private) school job market. Members get the complete picture with detailed data and ratings on everything from academic standards to salary & benefits, plus insights into school culture and the local community.

about us

Colobela was founded in 2022 with the belief that it is important for people to love their choices. Whether it be choosing delicious baked goods, choosing to find peace and balance in life through yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness, or choosing to make educated decisions when deciding which independent (private) school to seek employment with, loving choices is what Colobela is all about. We’re delighted to offer our products and services to our customers and subscribers.

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Why do you have a dog as a CBO?


Well . . . Frida Kahlo is our CBO because she has lots of experience at barking and sharing her insights, and she’s super cute!

When do you expect to launch your services?


Establishing a company has been a learning experience for us, and it's also been time-consuming putting the puzzle pieces together. Honestly, we’re taking things one step at at time. Thus, we do not have a definitive timeline. We’ll launch each service when we have all of the puzzle pieces put together. That being said, our CBO is becoming quite impatient, and she wants all services up and running as soon as possible!

What does Colobela mean?


It doesn’t mean anything. We just thought it was a cool name.

There are three partners in Colobela LLC. So, who’s the boss?


Of course, Frida Kahlo is the boss! Woof! Woof!